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Youre kidding me, right?! Even if he knows how to use Runic Matrices, he wants to use his half-bake knowledge against the Atlantean prince? Is he trying to explain to me the meaning of showing off in front of an expert?!


Yan Xiaosu waved his hand and smiled slightly. “Laurel, if you are interested, let’s go together. Regardless of victory or defeat, you will have a different experience.”


The Holy Light Pioneer was a scout mech from the Holy Light series. It possessed the beauty of the Holy Light series, and together with Eve Litt, it was as beautiful as a painting.


Saruman Snake battle team, Sea Queen battle team, Sword Shield Rose battle team, Soulless battle team, Zero Degrees battle team, Dynasty battle team, Sky Arrow battle team, and Child of Light battle team.


All that they possessed, all their control, all that they had experienced were things that mankind could not begin to compare with. This calmness was the glory of historical precipitation.


Of course, this was also because the Atlantean prince did not make his move, while Tan Zheng chose to be the first to enter battle.

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A ray of Holy Light shot from Wang Zhengs Knight of Holy Light into the sky. Everyone was blinded by the shaking of the sudden radiance.


The power of Wang Zheng’s blow aside, even in terms of psychological pressure, he had completely dominated Qiqin Nacchai.


Di Maria smirked. He did not like Wang Zheng. Not this limelight-stealer. Losers should have the bearing of a loser, and obediently grovel. He had thought that Elite Academy X would be his path to glory, but he had become a laughing stock. If it had not been his family working behind the scenes to salvage things, he would have taken double the losses.


Following closely behind was Wang Zheng as a member of the Solar System taking part in the IG. The music that followed was arousing excitement. The Solar System battle team was too weak and was on the verge of elimination, unable to progress to the actual match.


“What I’m worried about is that the leader and members will be separated after this, and we can’t showcase our team synergy.” Achilles revealed his worries.


Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. “What do you take me for? Some playboy? I just wanted the opportunity to raise the proposal. This project is good. If they’re interested, good. If they’re not, well, I tried. I can’t just pass up on such an opportunity just to save my face.”


These three people – Zhou Yun, Pang Tong, Anluda – were very important to Lear. This was the first time that there were members outside of the Solar System supporting him after he became a Saint candidate, which was a good start. Lear was not sure if they had gotten the news or if the Saint had arranged it, so he gave them face. At the same time, the three of their strengths were certainly not bad, but Lear had recently realized that there was something not right. The three of them had a lot of shortcomings, often criticising the Dynasty battle team, and although they were still somewhat respectful to him, the respect given seemed as if treating him like A Dou, as if he, this Saint candidate, would be completely useless if he left them.



It would definitely be an agony for anyone in the arena to be confronted with this dark element. They would have to be prepared to force the enemy to a corner and perish together. Yet Wang Zheng had defeated his opponent easily.



This was not an equal battle. Menlo was five years older than him and had far richer experience. These five years were times of rapid growth for a warrior. However, no one would take this into consideration in the battlefield.


The representatives of the most powerful colleges in the current Milky Way Alliance were born. Every one of the weak links of these eight teams had undergone a series of trials before they reached the quarter-finals. This was evident by watching the qualifiers and the past competitions. But the current organizing committee of the events did not seem to be very satisfied with this. They believed that this setup played to the strength of the teams.


Inside the cockpit, Menlo was emotionless. Instantly, the big screen zoomed in on him, focusing on the cold look in his eyes. The chill of Arbiter. Invincible. They were soldiers who lived to battle!

  • Mankind could naturally achieve it. However, these were two very different systems. Crossing systems was as good as changing habits. It was not impossible, but they would not be able to perform well.
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