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Jondi Lilick was slightly relieved. Zhang Shan could not wait to get on the field again. Although there was resting time, looking at the condition of his body, he would just be out on display even if he were to come on again.


Instantly, two distinctively different powers of light and darkness collapsed and energy ripples swept out. With a loud crashing sound, the first layer of the energy protection wall shattered to pieces, sending energy ripples into the air. Following closely, the second layer of the energy protection wall could not block the energy ripples as well and exploded to pieces too. The violent energy ripples swept towards the third layer of the energy protection wall like a tsunami.


The Dynasty battle team’s arrangement seemed carefree but extremely mature. This battle appeared to not be very special, but in actuality, their performance was really good. Whether it was about representing Elite Academy X or the qualifying rounds, they had been remarkable. The two Mayans’ output, coupled with a few people who were unknown but had solid skills, made their fighting capability quite high.


Instantly, the fire of rumors began to burn brightly in the hearts of everyone. Wang Zheng had made the declaration of victory. Yes, he was here to win!


Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. “What do you take me for? Some playboy? I just wanted the opportunity to raise the proposal. This project is good. If they’re interested, good. If they’re not, well, I tried. I can’t just pass up on such an opportunity just to save my face.”


All the warriors were in at the moment. Instantly, they were also enchanted by the fanatical atmosphere. No one could resist it. After all the years of training, who would not desire such a stage? A battle just like this.

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There was no excuse for Lie Xin’s loss. The opponents’ new battle tactic was a total surprise, and they had a good gasp of Lie Xin. However, after this round of battle, Lie Xin would have gained some understanding of the opponent as well.


Suddenly, Wang Zheng’s brain flashed. Galaxy HU Group. That was an honest to goodness major shipping company. But would it work?


Of course, these were not what Aina was concerned about. In response to Kashawen’s aggressiveness, the only retaliation that she could provide was to encouragement attention and expand her sphere of influence. So long as her influence grew, the possibility of Kashawen controlling the game would be greatly reduced. She had to consider the risks. Aina knew that compared to this, Kashawen had to consider much more and more comprehensively than this.


Zhang Zhun was hyped. He would not have believed his luck even in a dream. In truth, he had challenged Wang Zheng filled with conflict. At the end, he had mustered his courage and come with an attitude of learning. But he had gained more than he had imagined, and now he could even watch Mars, possessor of the Heavenly Overlord Attack, challenge Wang Zheng.


Menlo carried the battle axe, slowly closing in on the Heavenly King mech. You are not my match. Surrender now! Otherwise, dont give me any trouble if you die later.


Atlantean royalty, and an enigmatic Atlantean warrior. How much did Wang Zheng have left?


Lie Xin needed a bit more time. People who practiced the ancient martial arts generally had a deeper understanding of Ability X. The key was to understand the essence more thoroughly. The two complemented each other without clashing. Together with the existence of the spirits from the Sage Sect, Lie Xin was ever more convinced that it was definitely more difficult for women to break through this barrier than men.



All of the Arbiter people were flabbergasted. This was stranger than the match between Wang Zheng and Mars. What was this ability? Was it the devil?



Attacks that would drain his Ability X would only narrow his chances of escape, and right now, the Overlord had already thrown its spear away. Was this contempt?


A discussion may still be possible for the other people, but if it was Jondi Lilick, no matter who was in that position, they had to be careful.


Kashawen was not only influential in the Milky Way Alliance, but her threat within Aslan was even more severe.

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