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However, the two people in the middle of the field seemed to have completely ignored the situation. Marshalls expression changed. These two b**tards! B**tards, what were they thinking?!


As Di Maria listened to the captivating cheers, every type of envy, jealousy, and hatred filled him. He once had such an opportunity. Moreover, this was a huge opportunity to demonstrate his capability, but he and Aurora had not succeeded. Who knew how much manpower and resources would be required to make up for this setback? As long as it was for Aslan’s honour, the people were extremely generous. At the same time, the families that they represented would also be acknowledged.


Gone was the feeling of chasing a ghost. Wang Zheng laughed and greeted Charcoal. Obviously, this was not a suitable time for catching up with old friends. As a great warrior, other than being brave, agility was also necessary.


Zhang Shan and the rest were unsure of what they were feeling. They had no reason to be jealous over such a victory. Whether they liked it or not, Luo Fei had gone all out. This was how life worked. For this battle, they could only applaud Luo Fei.


Instantly, Zhang Shan’s stomach rumbled. He was about to become a rabbit from all the grass nibbling. He hurriedly opened the bag. It was cram biscuit and water. He could not help himself. Even if it was poison, he would take the risk.


But up till now, he still could not see Wang Zheng’s better. It looked like anyone outside of the top 20 did not even need to think of touching Wang Zheng. In this week, Wang Zheng’s emotional control had also impressed Zhang Zhun. Panicking resulted in over-expense of energy, while being too relaxed gave the enemy a chance. But Wang Zheng managed this perfectly.

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But all the captains knew that González had lost to Wang Zheng with his tail tucked between his legs. But the people of Darkness Empire did not care. The spoils go to the victor – such a simple principle.


Locatelli obviously also understood this. The only way a human could threaten him was with Ability X. The six energy warriors were already fully charged. As long as he was able to block Lin Feng’s Ability X attacks, victory would be his!


The black blade slammed like a hurricane, with ear-piercing shrieks booming. This dark element had the rare ability to possess the soul, rendering anyone defenseless.


They had to at least mentally prepare, but it was just that their current important mission was to take down SIG.


They hadnt slacked over the past few days they had been studying the videos of Atlantis battles while pondering over their strategy. They were finally relieved upon seeing Wang Zheng return.


Meng Tian found Shen Liangs belongings. He was such a huge person, and all that was left was his military badge.


Mu Zhen continued to charge forward fearlessly. The Runic Matrix on the Rune Sword was spinning in bright lights at this moment.



Wang Zheng would not be that naive. Perhaps in the future his opponents would be completely unscrupulous, but he was looking forward to it.



Wang Zheng’s brows raised. He had defended, but this punch had too much power. Although he did not know what arts his opponent was using, but it had to be the extremely penetrating type.


Zhuo Yun was on for the third match, but it was of little use. If Aslan had not taken into consideration the feelings of the audience, they would have finished off their opponent within a minute. However, Srepenier still gave his opponent an opportunity to perform a little. He then steadily defeated Zhou Yun.


There were a lot of methods to battle; it is not possible to expect the opponent to always follow according to your needs.

  • The Phantom King was immobilized. Noel’s Ability X – Earth Restraint!
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